iSeePet360 Remote Pet Feeder Review

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iSee Pet360 Remote Pet Feeder imageWe all love our pets and there are those times when it is necessary to leave them home alone.  Someone has to be there to take care of pets when they have to be left alone.  This may be a friend, neighbor, relative or an expensive boarding kennel but someone has to see that the animal will not starve.  Depending on others to care for pets is a gamble at best and an imposition for family or friends as well.  Kennels should do a good job if they wish to remain in business but unfortunately pets are exposed to all kinds of health issues because they are in close confinement with other animals that may have problems.  There has got to be a better way to care for pets that must be left home alone.


iSeePet360 Remote Pet Feeder has come up with a modern day solution to caring for pets remotely.  Those who love pets but must travel frequently no longer have to bother neighbors or depend on family members or friends to take care of their precious pets while they travel.  With the innovation of the iSeePet360 it is possible for pet owners to view their pets remotely and feed and water them when necessary just by using their PC or cell phone.

How does the iSeePet360 Remote Pet Feeder operate?

The remote pet feeder uses a USB powered connection through any Internet application. The iSeePet360 has a webcam that is built into the remote feeder unit.  This allows the owner to view their pet from any location and to feed and water their dog or cat.  The feeder unit itself is large enough to accommodate a very large dog.

Inside the feeder is an auger that moves very slowly making the dispersing of food for the pet very slow over the space of a few minutes.  This prevents the pet from ‘wolfing down’ the food.    As the pet eats the feeder will also take intermittent photographs so that the eating habits of the pet can be monitored.  The food can be dispensed as many as 8 times during the day for a period of a full week.

Once the remote feeder is connected:iSee Pet360 Remote Pet Feeder in action

Once plugged in and the software installed the remote feeder can be contacted using the Internet through the connection of the USB.  Connecting to a cell phone application means the pet can be viewed, watered and fed from virtually any remote location at any time and from anywhere in the world, even while dining out with friends or business associates.  It is even possible to speak to the pet so they can hear the voice of their owner.  Using the audio feature the pet can be called to the feeder and viewing area.

The cost:

The cost of the iSeePet360 Remote Feeder is at this point in time around $300.  This is a lot to pay for a feeder for a pet, however, considering the cost of boarding a pet or the peace of mind it would afford an avid pet owner may make the cost a worthwhile investment.  If the pet is feline with litter box or canine with isolated room and doggie door access to a fenced in back yard, in theory, the pet could be left alone safely for a week.  The only viewing area is around the feeder.

PROS: pet remote care, pet monitoring ability

CONS: cost, viewing area

MORE INFO: (translated from japanese)

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